Ki Training

Shin Shin Toitsu Do - Ki Development Training

Ki is universal energy, capable of infinite expansion and contraction.  It can be directed but not contained by the mind.  The basic principles of ki reveal a way of bringing to light one’s natural strengths.  The purpose Ki development and Aikido training is to develop our living power by utilizing Ki principles, coordinating mind and body, and applying them in our daily lives.  By improving health and performance, Ki training helps students to be more productive and successful in their personal and professional lives.  We view training as an ongoing process emphasizing personal direction and growth through lifelong training.  Ki training helps students to live positively and excel in a rapidly changing world.

The primary focus of Ki class is learning how to coordinate mind and body.  Ki training provides skills for relaxation, calmness, concentration, personal health and positive interactions with others.  Students gain more energy as their understanding of Ki principles increases.  The development and understanding of Ki is also an integral component of aikido.

Four Basic Principles to Unify Mind and Body

1.  Keep One Point:
   This is the natural place of physical, mental and spiritual balance.  By concentrating      on our one point and keeping correct posture we can naturally co-ordinate mind and    body.                       

2.  Relax Completely:
    When we calm our mind, our body naturally relaxes.

3.  Keep Weight Underside:
   The weight of an object naturally settles at it’s lowest point.  Living calmness is a         state where the weight of our body naturally settles underside.                                                  
4.  Extend Ki:
   Extending Ki is to use our living power to the fullest extent.