... to the online home of Aikido Brampton/The Brampton Dojo and headquarters of The Southern Ontario Ki-Aikido Kai.  We are a traditional dojo dedicated to the teaching of mind and body co-ordination through Aikido and Ki training. 
The paramount rule when training in Aikido is to have respect and courtesy for the other people in the dojo.  An atmosphere of cooperation – not competition – is called for.  We cooperate in the sense that we are all here to help one another learn.    This way, we not only help others to learn but we also help ourselves.


-There are no regular classes being held at the present time.    Please e-mail for more information.

-SOKA class will be held March 18 from 10-12 in Cambridge.

-Check out Kashiwaya sensei on The Science Channel's 'Outrageous Acts of Science' here.


Aikido is much more than a form of non-violent self-defense.  The benefits you can expect from learning Aikido & Ki Training include:
-Better body awareness
-Increased energy level
-Improved reflexes and co-ordination
-Improved flexibility
-Better all round health

-Increased confidence and positive
-Improved concentration
-Stress relief and increased  levels of
-Greater self-disipline
-Improved mental endurance
Click on the following links to see Tohei-sensei and Kashiwaya-sensei in action.
Tohei-sensei 1Tohei-sensei 2 
Kashiwaya-sensei 1 Kashiwaya-sensei 2
2010 US National Seminar in Boulder, Colorado
Aikido Class & Sen Shin no Gyo